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We'll Bring Exotic Animals To You

Expand your horizons with the exotic animals from Monkey See Monkey Do Exotic Petting Zoo in Dallas, Texas. Choose from a wide range of rarely seen animals to have at your next event. You can customize your choices, and we offer a range of packages. Our animals include:

  • Kinkajous
  • Coatimundis
  • Woodchucks
  • Kangaroo
  • Lemurs
  • Burmese Badger
  • Camels
  • Owl Monkey
  • Lowland Paca
  • Spider Monkeys
  • Bearcat
  • Tamandua
  • Alpaca
  • Reindeer
  • Otters
  • Polecat
  • Mink
  • Asian Leopard Cat
  • Tortoises
  • Baby Crocodile
  • Capybara
  • Porcupine
  • Warthog


Hambone Sprocket

Varied Packages

Packages start at $350 per hour.

Another popular package is the live nativity scene, which can include camel, goats, sheep, donkeys and more.

The basic live nativity scene starts at $400 per hour, with a minimum of two hours.

We also have reindeer, which make for great pictures around Christmas and a nice touch at a holiday event. We can even provide Santa Claus who will deliver presents on Christmas Eve.

Who needs a bunny party when you can have a weasel party! Check out the tab at the top for more information and pictures!  They are lots of fun for people of all ages.

Beer Burros also available, check out the "Cocktail Critters Tab" under animals!

Sleeping Otter Lemur Lying on a Tree Cheese and Cracker Meatball the Bearcat Gargamel Snaff Snaff